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PANLEGIS is a leading European provider of company formation services and Company Law expert. We offer safe, efficient and low cost incorporations of companies across Europe.

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Malta Companies


Malta companies enjoy a low effective corporate tax rate, a stable political and financial system and a good banking structure. Malta is a EU member state and has an extensive network of tax treaties preventing double taxation of income, making Malta an exciting base for any international company.

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Malta can offer fantastic opportunities for businesses worldwide. Not only is it a perfect gateway to the European common market, has English as an official language and offers low operating costs – it also offers an effective tax rate of only 5%.

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Online GamingOnline Gaming 

Malta is Europe’s leading jurisdiction for online gaming with a robust yet structured regulatory system.

PANLEGIS has the expertise to guide you through the application process to a successful license and provide Key Official Services for your licensed gaming operation.

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Financial ServicesFinancial Services 

Providing a well regulated and efficient regulatory system, coupled with the security provided by EU membership, Malta is the quickly becoming the preferred jurisdiction for Financial Services.
PANLEGIS has the necessary expertise to assist you setup your operation and obtain any necessary licences

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